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2011 Ford Fiesta – Click above for high-res image gallery

2011 Ford Fiesta – Click above for high-res image gallery

The group 40 MPG (a project of the Civil Society Institute) sends out regular surveys to gauge public perception about the future of gas prices. Last May, for example, 40 MPG and CSI found that 72 percent of Americans were expecting $3.50 gallons of gas on the way (which didn't happen). This week, the group finds a similar percentage (71) are expecting even worse prices - $4 a gallon - in summer 2008 and that 48 percent expect prices over $4 by the middle of this year. Whether or not those price

We reported the general outlines of 40mpg's survey that was released this week before the news was officially out. And it took a reader to remind me that we never then followed up with the official details. Allow me to rectify that.

In spite of rising gas prices in the United States, the number of cars capable of exceeding 40 mpg seems to be dropping. The Civil Society Institute will be releasing a report on February 14 indicating that although more and more high-mileage cars are becoming available in other markets, they aren't available here. According to a poll that they conducted, many Americans want higher mileage cars.

Hybrid drivers already get special perks in some areas by being able to drive in high-occupancy lanes (and, of course, you could call using less gasoline a perk), but they may soon speak with a more unified voice for more legislative benefits, if the new group Hybrid Owners of America (HOA) gets its way. The group was announced and the HOA website went live yesterday. The site will try to get the estimated 500,000 American hybrid owners to work together to lift the Federal tax cap on hybrids, ga