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Chevy Bolt meets 2016 Nissan Leaf at LA NEDW event [UPDATE]

A Little Bit Of History Is Made In Los Angeles

The global debut of the 2016 Nissan Leaf and the west coast Chevy Bolt EV concept debut took place at a National Drive Electric Week 2015 event in LA.

2016 Nissan Leaf with 107-mile range will start at $35,050* [UPDATE]

You Can Still Buy 84-Mile Model For $29,860*

Nissan announced the details of the new 2016 Leaf electric vehicle, which is more expensive but also offers a lot more range.

Nissan dealer: 2016 Leaf will have 110-mile battery option

Yes, This Rumor Again, But This Time It's Sort Of Official

A Nissan dealer in Indiana says that the 2016 Leaf will have a trim level for a 110-mile range battery pack.

Here's how Nissan is quietly getting ready for Leaf 2.0 [UPDATE]

Declining Production Numbers Hint Next-Gen Nissan Leaf Might Be Here Soon

Leaf production numbers have declined this summer even more steeply than its sales numbers. It's thought that Nissan is getting ready to roll out the 2016 model.

Don't expect to hear about second-gen Nissan Leaf anytime soon

Next-Gen EV News May Come In The Summer, Nissan Says

The first official information about the next-gen Nissan Leaf EV will have to wait until this summer, after the NY Auto Show.