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Porsche takes 2016 Le Mans win on last lap, Ford grabs class victory

A very wet 24 Hours of Le Mans ends disastrously for Toyota, while Ford nails its 50th anniversary.

With Porsche taking a pit stop at second place 10 minutes before the race's end, it looked like they had given up the fight. Meanwhile the Ford GT more or less cruised to the GTE Pro win on its big anniversary.

24 Hours of Le Mans live update part three

Clueless surfer learns the meaning of endurance, gets sleepy

Our surfer-turned-liveblogger earns some respect for racing, gets very sleepy, and ponders whether he's a converted motorsports fan.

24 Hours of Le Mans live update part two

Clueless surfer continues to struggle with the realities of endurance racing

Porsches! Dogs! Hair Products! Safety Cars! It's Parker's second installment of Le Mans updates interspersed with philosophical expositions.

Rory Parker

24 Hours of Le Mans live update part one

A clueless surfer tries to figure out what the hell is going on.

We tasked surfing journalist Rory Parker to watch this year's live stream of the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans. What follows is an experiment to experience the world's greatest endurance race from a motorsports novice with a profanity-laden stream-of-consciousness writing style.

Ford GT dominates Le Mans qualifying, gets slapped with performance adjustment

Post-qualifying adjustments mean the GT class is anybody's game.

Good times are one thing, but the Balance of Performance adjustments could make the difference in the race.