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Aging Prius, dropping gas prices putting hurt on hybrid, EV sales

"As Prius represents by far the biggest chunk of the hybrid marketplace, where Prius goes, the segment goes," – Ed Kim, Autopacific

2014 Toyota Prius crash test rating drops to four stars

If nothing has changed, then how come something changed? That's the question behind the recent drop from five to four stars in the crash test rating for the Toyota Prius. As you can see on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, the 2014 Prius gets four stars overall while the 2013 Sebastian Blanco

Toyota Prius gets higher clearance, better suspension in Pakistan

It's been 16 years since the Toyota Prius launched in Japan. Finally, the world's most popular hybrid is becoming the first hybrid car to show up in Pakistan. This version of the Prius has been customized by Indus Motor Company (IMC) in order to deal with, well, let's just say some challenging road conditions.

Why Toyota constantly improving the Prius' fuel economy is something of a fool's errand

Toyota has a great marketing line when it comes to the power of hybrids: "Toyota estimates its hybrids have saved their owners more than 3 billion gallons of gasoline worldwide compared to gasoline-only powered vehicles." We're not going to quibble with that number – it is impressive – but it did raise some questions. After all, if Toyota is really interested in saving billions of gallons of gas, then shouldn't the company try to Sebastian Blanco

US Prius Plug-In Hybrid gets price cut, won't get JDM two-tone paint

Compared to last year's model, there's not much that's new in the 2014 Toyota Prius Plug-In hybrid –except the price tag. The nominally updated PHEV will lose $2,010 off of its base price while keeping all of the tech and options from the 2013 model. The new base model will therefore start at $29,990, while the Prius Plug-in Advanced model gets an even bigger cut – $4,620 - and will now start at $34,905. Those prices do not