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Renault to unveil new Clio at Paris show in September

The supermini market is a vital one for European automakers, and though its current Clio remains a popular choice, Renault is not about to rest on its proverbial laurels as its most popular model gets older and less relevant. So with that in mind, the French carmaker is apparently preparing to unveil an all-new Clio hatchback at the next major auto salon.

BMW 1 Series GT tipped for Parisian debut

We know what you're thinking: Another day, another BMW bodystyle. Except this one's different.

Renault planning 50th anniversary Alpine tribute concept for Paris

Love it or hate it, the automotive industry of today is not lacking for its exercises in reviving old nameplates. The trend ranges from Mini to Maybach, from Dodge Dart to Dodge Challenger. And the French are certainly not immune. Citroën re