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Sunday evening chillin' with a Ford Focus picture gallery

Late last night, Ford released a slew of pictures of the new 2008 Ford Focus. With our new gallery feature, I can't resist putting them up for you all. Like I mentioned when I first posted on the Focus, some people don't like the look of the Focus, but it's growing on me. I think it looks kind of like a Lego car, and Legos are great.

Ford to show off new Focus at the Detroit Auto Show and is working on a smaller car

According to Jeff Gilbert at the WorldWide Automotive Report today, Ford will be showing off the new 2008 Focus next month at the Detroit Auto Show. The redesigned Focus has been making it's presence felt recently on the roads around Detroit, which is generally a sign that it's not far off. Unfortunately each time I've been next to one on the road I haven't had a camera handy, but others have. The '08 Focus has the n