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Chrysler recalls 312,000 2005-2006 minivans over airbag issue *UPDATE

Just because Toyota may be garnering the most attention for its current recall crisis, it isn't the only automaker having issues. Chrysler has just released its own recall which affects more than 312,000 2005-2006 Town and Country, Caravan, and Steven J. Ewing

Aston Martin offers power upgrades to last-gen V8 Vantages

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Ford recalling 605,000 full-size trucks

Ford Motor Company is recalling a whole herd of trucks to see the team doctors over concerns about a hose in the braking system that could adversely effect the vehicles' braking power. According to the NHTSA, about 605,000 2005 and 2006 model year Ford F150 and Lincoln Mark LT trucks equipped with the 3-valve 5.4-liter V8 will receive a hose replacement free of charge. The problem hose supplies the brake booster with engine vacuum, and could swell over time and eventually become disconnected. Wh

Honda recalling 43,000 Acuras for power steering hose

Those of you rolling in a 2005–2008 Acura RL take note: Honda has issued a recall for your power steering hose and being the educated consumer that you are, you won't have to wait by the mailbox to know about it.

Chrysler calling 2006 models "used" to unload them

When even deep discounts aren't getting the job done, sometimes you've got to bend the rules. Normally, a Chrysler dealer must use a car as a loaner for three months before designating it a used car. Still wondering what to

GM makes a buck in Q4 2006

General Motors reported its delayed fourth quarter earnings today and, lo and behold, managed to earn a net income of $950 million in the waning months of 2006. Compare that with last year's Q4 loss of $6.6 billion, and today's news is all the more incredible.

The best sellers of 2006

We love this list. It comes around once a year (check out the numbers from 2005 for comparison's sake) and offers the raw numbers that simply show what sold well in the U.S. that year. It's a list that seems to change little from year to year, but at the same time always surprises. Take last year's list, for example, which has been compiled by MSN Autos. As usual, the top two spots are occupied by the Ford F-Series (796,

Ford burns $12.7 BILLION in 2006!

Ford just announced its full year financial results for 2006, and the picture is really ugly. From October through the end of the year alone, it consumed $5.8 billion. For the full year it expended $12.7 billion more than it took in. Last year was one of the worst years in Ford's history, with two major stabs at a restructuring plan, CEO Bill Ford stepping do

Surprise! Recalls fall in 2006

We've noticed a few more posts about recalls have been going up the last couple of days, so one reader wanted us to know that, in fact, there were a lot fewer recalls last year in the U.S. than there were in 2005. Overall, the whole of the U.S. auto industry recalled 10.6 million vehicles in 2006, down some 38% from the 17.1 million vehicles that were recalled in 2005. Let's look at which automakers had a good year for recalls last year and which didn't.

Ways That Work Green Top 10 for 2006

The Ways That Work blog have posted their Top 10 Green Corporate Initiatives of 2006 which highlights businesses which adopted green practices and technologies in 2006, designed to help not only the environment, but also their bottom line:

Gallery of the Day: 2006 Woodward Dream Cruise

click on above image to see high res gallery with 83 pics

Edmunds.com's green automotive trends and forecasts

Edmunds.com, an automotive information site, has compiled its list of 2006 automotive trends. Among the green trends were:

Cheapest Ferraris of 2006

We all laughed when Ferrari announced at the recent LA Auto Show that the company would not be developing a "cheap" Ferrari. It was a play on words, because every industry insider has told us that a new entry-level sports car from Maranello is in the works. But Ferrari's right – even if the new model is the least expensive car with a galloping horse on the grille, it still won't be cheap.

Chrysler offering millions to dealers and consumers to move 2006 inventory

In this day and age it's a sin to still have 2006 models sitting on your dealer lot. Unfortunately for dealers under The Chrysler Group umbrella, their lots are teaming with '06 metal. The Detroit News quotes analyst John Casesa of Casesa Shapiro LLC as saying, "To have a third of your inventory in old models when you're two months into the (2007) model year, that's heavy." Heavy indeed, John.

Chrysler offers incentives to dealers

Struggling Chrysler Corp. is pulling out all of the stops to reduce its massively overbuilt inventory of vehicles. Lease incentives, 0% financing, begging and pleading, whatever it takes. Consumers have typically been the targeted recipients of these incentives, until now.

GM Global down only 3 percent in Q3 sales

General Motors reported global sales of 2,296,000 vehicles in the third quarter, which is a 3-percent decline versus Q3 of last year. That's only 66,000 unit off what was sold during the same period in 2005, and the GM spinmeisters attribute the difference to the employee pricing war last year and the company's commitment to reduce rental and fleet sales this year. Aight, we can buy that, so perhaps GM really did hold its ground this year in the global market.

By The Numbers: September 2006 (The REAL numbers)

Toyota up big, Ford up a little while GM, Chrysler and Honda slip

Autoblog Podcast #43

After a long flight home and the recovery of one lost piece of luggage, I'm back on U.S. soil after covering the 2006 Paris Motor Show. Damon spends this podcast grilling me about the show, and my verdict on the event you might find surprising. I reveal my pick for Best of Show and which manufacturers had the best displays with the most promising vehicles. We didn't forget the news that happened while I was away, and spend some time on General Motors' announcement that a Pontiac-badged Holden is

Take our cars, please: Top 10 cash-back offers

Automakers with remaining 2006 inventory are getting desperate in some cases to get rid of their lot. Cars.com has assembled the 10 best incentive offers based on the percentage off of a car's base MSRP, and Kia tops the list by offering 26.32% off the Sorento and 23.87% of off the Sedona minivan. Why so much? Because they're 2005 models! The third vehicle on the list, however, is the most appealing to us. Saab wants to get rid of the last remaining 9-2X models and is offering $5,000 off of the

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