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Shelby previews 1000-HP Super-Stang ahead of New York debut

For some, the horsepower wars being waged by auto manufacturers over the past few years are getting a bit out of hand. A 550-hp factory Camaro? A 650-hp factory Mustang? Ridiculous. But if you count massive amounts of gas-guzzling horsepower and torque a crime (we don't), then the worst of all offenders is perhaps Shelby. Last y

REPORT: Chrysler to send existing customers $1,000 certificate to stoke sales

During a dealer web-cast, Chrysler announced plans to send certificates worth $1,000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle to existing customers in an attempt to boost the automaker's sales during Chapter 11 reorganization. The certificates will be joined by a letter from Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli (if you get one, we want a copy), and will supposedly reach some nine million current Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep owners. We don't know when they'll start hi