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A couple of weeks ago we were telling you about the 600-mile inaugural run of the Zuumer from ZuumCraft. While it's one thing to have a company representative talk about their product, it's often more illuminating to hear a review from an unassociated party and so we bring you news of a test drive from the ZoomiLife EV blogger, Sebastian Schepis. Self-described as not easily impressed, Mr. Schepis spent an hour riding the electric three-wheeler and enjoyed it so much he decided to actually buy o

What better way to launch a new transportation product than to take it on a long trip with some sweet scenic vistas. In the case of the Zuumer (rhymes with boomer) from ZuumCraft, the journey being undertaken is a week long and covers a distance of 600 miles from San Francisco to San Diego along the beautiful California coast. The three-wheel electric ultralight scooter is powered by a removable lithium ion battery and employees a double-forked steering column with a low center of gravity that n