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Zap's been having a pretty good last few weeks. There was the groundbreaking at the Kentucky plant and now we hear that August electric vehicle sales set a new record. According to a new release from Zap (pasted after the jump), the company sold $737,000 worth (unaudited) of vehicles in August, compared to $392,000 in August 2007. Back in April 2007, Zap announced a "sale" of $79 million, but we had questions about that.

Well, once you have your "made for iPod" Zap car, you'll see an increase in your electric bill, right? Not if you buy a Zap Xebra sedan or pickup ordered in the next month or so. For new Xebra buyers, Zap will throw in a free Kill-A-Watt Smart Power Meter and will cover your electricity costs for one year. According to the National Post, this "preemptive action" could quiet drivers concerns about high gas prices, at least those who opt for a Xebra. You can read more, direct from Zap, here.

It's another great day in Zap PR land. The electric vehicle company has signed a deal with the Chinese luxury bus manufacturer Youngman Auto Group to jointly work on electric and hybrid vehicles. The announcement says that the two companies "have signed a joint venture agreement to manufacture, market and distribute electric and hybrid vehicles for the passenger car, truck and bus markets. The new joint venture company will also focus on the development and manufacturing of electric charging inf