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Watch Tesla Model 3 get built, and see how the car has quickly evolved

There are still issues with the electric sedan

There are still issues with the electric sedan.

Technology is about to fog your car's windows — with ads

Windows could soon turn into a lucrative entertainment 'fifth screen'

They could soon turn into a lucrative entertainment 'fifth screen'

‘Wheeler Dealers’’ Edd China is back with new YouTube car restoration show

The first project is a Jaguar E-Type

The first project is a Jaguar E-Type.

Engineer creates world's friendliest car horn

Three sounds appropriate for various situations.

Buy my Vitara, special-effects pro says in greatest commercial Suzuki never made

With all the places it has been, the mileage on this car must be excessive.

Watch this Hot Wheels car and the amazing Technicolor toy track

GoPros are wonderful.

It's a small-scale roller coaster.

Woman on walk in the woods comes across robot

A woman in Boston accidentally stumbled upon something unnatural lurking in the forest as she walked her dog on a nature trail.

​The best Top Gear host brings drift-happy videos to YouTube

Chris Harris will continue to do his favorite drifty things, only now with a BBC logo.

If you know Chris Harris, think Chris Harris on Cars with a BBC logo. If you don't, this is the new guy you actually want to watch.

The 2017 Ford GT received 6,506 applications

And some of the videos included with the applications were hilarious.

No matter if you drive a Ford GT40 or a Fairmont Futura, you have to get in line.

YouTuber builds obsessively detailed iRacing simulator

For those of us who can't afford the care and feeding of a real racecar, a good computer racing simulator is the next best thing.

Florida Highway Patrolman seen watching YouTube in traffic

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating allegations of a trooper watching Youtube videos on his official in-car laptop while driving.

Driver barely escapes creeping flash flood on San Diego freeway

This terrifying dashcam footage comes to us from San Diego, CA, where the state's short-term water woes have been solved this week with intense rain storms.

Man posts dashcam video of epic crash over cliff

YouTube user TurboFoz uploaded dashcam footage Monday of a terrifying accident that occurred as he was driving the popular Angeles Crest Highway.

Motorcyclist gives dangling feet a yank on the freeway

If you stick your feet out the window of a moving car, there's at least one motorcyclist who is looking for you.

Father lets his six-year-old child steer his motorcycle

YouTube user Jacob Hughes uploaded a video of his 6-year-old son steering a speeding motorcycle.

YouTube viewers prefer BMW

With over four billion views on YouTube, BMW is the king of getting people to watch videos about its vehicles. The vast majority of those clicks are on fan-made videos, which basically amount to free advertising.

Take an automotive-themed video trip through the AP Archive

Ladies and gentlemen, there are now a million more ways to kill time on the Internet – Lord help us – as the Associated Press has officially uploaded its entire catalog of archive video footage to YouTube.

Motorcycle racers show us the Ordos Circuit in China

The Ordos International Circuit, located about an hour by airplane from Beijing, consists of 2.33 miles of well-laid tarmac and is designed to look roughly like a horse. Some local motorcyclists take us for a tour.

Celebrating 10 years of YouTube with our most popular video posts

Happy Birthday, YouTube! Thanks For All The Car Videos

Everyone's favorite video website turns a decade old today. We skip the cake and bring you our most popular YouTube video stories of all time.

Cadillac goes white-out on social media as prelude to Oscars announcement [w/video]

Cadillac's social media presence across the web is now blank, in preparation for the debut a new advertising campaign during the Oscars.

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