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Neighbors Trap Would-Be Car Thief In Vehicle

A nieghbor films entire bizarre encounter

This takes Neighborhood Watch to a whole new level.

Hybrid Technologies changes it name to EV Innovations Inc

While perusing YouTube the other day, we happened across some re-posted videos from the Hybrid Technologies collection. Nothing out of the ordinary, but then we read a video description that said ,"EV Innovations, formerly Hybrid Technologies, shows off one of thier [sic] electric vehicles." Huh? EV who? We contacted their PR firm who told us, "Domenick Yoney

VIDEO: How big is your footprint?

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VIDEO: Cirque du Soleil commercial interrupted by Audi RS6

From the some-automakers-have-more-money-than-sense department comes a new commercial for the Audi RS6. The minute-long teaser spot features some kind of synchronized gymnastics routine that we guess is supposed to signify a bunch of people working together like a finely tuned machine. We think there are some gymnasts imitating the pistons in the blisteringly fast RS6 V10, and there was a human crankshaft and some headli

VIDEO: Ford of Canada makes cars out of people

Click above to watch Ford's new commercial for Canada

VIDEO: Sneak peek at production Chevy Volt

Very few vehicles have received the level of attention the Chevy Volt has been given, and we're still nearly three years before production begins. The reason for all the press is obvious. If GM can produce what they're promising with the Volt, with plug-in power and the ability to drive 40 miles on electricity alone, it'll be a game changer. The local Detroit NBC affiliate got access to the Volt design stu

VIDEO: More 1-Series goodness

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Lights, Camera, Action! Ford's official Mustang Bullitt video

On the Mustang front, the past seven days have been the week of the Bullitt. The media rush is in stark contrast to the Bullitt's understated demeanor, but with its 315 HP engine and track-tuned suspension, Steve McQueen's chase machine reincarnated deserves it. Yesterday we showed you Pop

VW seeks identity of Nazi-themed ad parody poster on YouTube

One mysterious home movie maker created a video that Volkswagen didn't like, and the German automaker isn't stopping at having the video pulled from YouTube. The home movie in question puts a Nazi spin on a recent VW Golf commercial, and VW has issued a subpoena in hopes of finding out the identity of the maker of the spoof. YouTube is fighting the subpoena wi

BBC and YouTube strike deal, Top Gear comes to the masses

YouTube, our favorite website for sticking it to the man, is getting more legit by the day since it was purchased by Google. Word comes today that BBC has struck a deal with the popular video sharing service that will see clips of BBC shows, including Top Gear, legally featured on the site and available for consumption by YouTube's 70 million monthly users.

HyPower hydrogen powers a Volkswagen GTi

HyPower have fitted a Volkswagen GTi with their H2 Reactor (H2R) hydrogen system to show that it can power the vehicle using only water. Designed to use electrolysis on the fly to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, the system then uses the hydrogen/oxygen gas to power its original internal combustion engine.

Buick admits to teasing us with Tiger vid

I guess we can bill this as Update 2. We just showed you the video of Tiger Woods and the new Enclave and speculated that this "hidden cam" vid might be a fake. Not rocket science to figure that out, but until we had confirmation, we didn't want to call BS on GM. Well, they just called BS on themselves.

Get the gunk out with biodiesel on YouTube

Have you ever wondered what may happen to your engine's delicate insides if you switch from dirty diesel fuel to the renewable power of biodiesel? One user-supplied video on the YouTube video-sharing website might have an answer for you.