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XR3 - click above for a high-res gallery

Robert Q. Riley has finished designing and building his XR3 diesel hybrid prototype and now says, "Its your turn!". Yes, with a few simple tools and plans purchased from Mr. Riley, you too can (eventually) cruise the highways in your very own XR3. Engineered to travel 40 miles with lithium ion batteries powering the back wheel before switching on the Kubota diesel engine that power the fronts, the XR3 is said by its maker to get 225 mpg. The beauty of a DIY project like this is that you can do a

Here's an update for all of you who read AutoblogGreen with grease-covered hands: the plans for the XR-3, the hybrid (or PHEV) kit car from Robert Q. Riley, are now available. For just $170, you could receive:

I just happened to be taking a trip to Phoenix this week, so I went ahead and called up Robert Riley, the man behind the XR3 hybrid three-wheeled vehicle and, previously, the Tri Magnum. I was going to head over there and take a look at the progress, but unfortunately, the timing wasn't quite right. The body and the chassis are separated as of the moment, and the drivetrain is apart for refinement.

I thought I would share this article that I read that outlines some of the green and alternative vehicles that we have highlighted here on ABG. They speak of the Tesla, Riley XR3, Venturi and the Chevy Volt. Additionally, they weigh in on the debate of hydrogen's use in automobiles. They also offer a photo gallery, so check it out here.

We showed you the press release from Robert Q. Riley Enterprises announcing the impending launch of the XR3 diesel electric hybrid a few days ago. Now, we would like to share with you some technical details that we learned while we made a visit recently.

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