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What's in a name? More than you might think, particularly in Formula One where two teams have been fighting for use of the Lotus moniker for a couple of years now.

The start to this year's Formula 1 championship was delayed when civil unrest in the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain forced the cancellation of the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix. Since then, a question mark has loomed over whether the round would be reinstated later in the season, and now we have our answer. In its meeting over the weekend, the FIA's World Motor Sport Council voted to bring Bahrain back into the F1 calendar on October 30.

American fans of Formula One racing will recall all too easily the debacle surrounding the USF1 team. A promising venture from the outset, the team started and stalled, but – after securing a slot on the grid for this season alongside newcomers HRT, Lotus and Virgin Racing – ultimately proved to have bitten off more than it could chew. Rather than pass the resulting vacancy on to any of the other bids waiting for their shot at the big league, the FIA has reportedly opted to leave the

The Formula One tweaking continues, even though we think this year's championship has been the most consistently rewarding since 2006, and maybe even back to the last millennium. The FIA's World Motor Sports Council has approved a slate of changes for 2011 to help make even more things happen on track, and the biggest could be banning the F-duct (this year's double diffuser) and instead allowing a movable rear wing. Adjusting the wing can't be done during the first two laps, but afterward, if an

After the FIA's rule change to allow a two-tier budgetary and technical regulation system in F1 next year, Toyota is the first team to come out and say it might not contest the 2010 season. After publishing next year's regulations, the FIA made May 29 the final day for teams to declare their intention to race next year and pay the entry fee. Toyota F1 team president John Howett, who is also vice-president of the F1 Teams Alliance (FOTA), said that unless a new situation is agreed to he can't see

It is unclear whether reality show impresario Mark Burnett is actually the one running Formula 1, but the political goings-on of the series continue to overshadow what happens on the track. The FIA recently published the 2010 regulations with some novel inclusions: a winner-take-all system for determining the Championship (yes, again), a higher weight for cars to promote KERS usage, and a budget cap system that would let teams spending no more than £40 million have more technical freedom v

It appears that Formula One's new scoring system has few friends in the pitlane. Renault's Fernando Alonso and Toyota's Jarno Trulli have already blasted it, and now reigning champ Lewis Hamilton from McLaren and former champion Michael Schumacher have similarly disparaged the new system that awards the championship to whichever driver wins the most races. Hamilton went so far as to say, "I think it's a shame what's happening to Formula 1." We should note that had the new scoring system been in

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