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2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's a little easier to see in the print version than online, but since it's a not practical to let each and every one of you borrow my copy of this month's WIRED (although I would, if y'all wanted to chip in for a serious postage fee), I point you to the latest Found: Artifacts from the Future section. The magazine's back page humor/thought-provoking section gives WIRED contributors a space to guess what sort of technologies might be coming our way in the near or distant future. This month, the

I like writing about green cars because we need a cleaner and better way to get around. I'm lucky, because I often don't need a car. I ride a bike and live close to stores and other places I need to be. I drive when I have to (hell, last week, I even rented a Jeep SUV because Thrifty messed up and didn't have the economy car I requested, but that a story for another post. Coming soon). Still, it's good now and again to step back, get out of the hows and whys of green car technology and think abo