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If you listened to or read our post on T. Boone Pickens speaking at the AFVI Expo in May, then you know that he's a big proponent of wind power and natural gas (some say he needs to learn more about hydrogen cars). Mr. Swift Boat is all over the media today because of an announcement regarding something called "The Plan," Pickens' big new idea to shift some of the $700b the U.S. spends each year on foreign oil into increasing domestic energy production. Unsurprisingly, Pickens says that wind and

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One problem with wind power is that you can never be sure when the wind will be blowing. If you rely on wind power, you've got problems when the weather chooses not to cooperate, which is like... always! One obvious way to collect the excess electricity to be used later would be with big batteries, but there are other ideas regarding the best way to store the power. Take for instance this scheduled power plant in Dallas Center, Iowa. In lieu of storing the power as electricity, the plan for this

We first saw the aptly named Venturi Eclectic at last year's Paris Motor Show and the company has now brought one to sunny southern California. The sunny part is important since the roof is covered with photo-voltaic cells. If left parked in the sun all day it can absorb enough energy to extend the standard 30-mile range by an extra 4-5 miles. If a breeze is available the roof mounted wind turbine can purportedly add another 10 miles of range. Venturi hopes to start selling the first 200 example