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Willie Nelson rolls into celebration for Salem, Oregon biodiesel plant

The best musician friend biodiesel ever had, Willie Nelson, is scheduled to roll up to the SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel plant in Salem, Oregon in a few hours for a celebration of that plant's second anniversary and the ground-breaking for an expansion.

Willie Nelson talks biodiesel (and more) on Fresh Air

Willie Nelson visited Terry Gross on Fresh Air Thursday to promote his new book, and if you're a fan of his music or want to know more about one of America's most famous promoters of biodiesel, it's worth a listen.

Interested in visiting a biodiesel coop? Get thee to Minnesota

As biodiesel coops spring up across the country, some of the "old timers" are ready to share what they've learned thus far. A biodiesel coop in Duluth, MN will host an open house June 6 to mark the organization's one-year anniversary. The group is excited to share their accomplishments from the past year, including using 4,000 gallons of Midwest-grown biodiesel in about 40 vehicles and educating others on biodiesel in Canada and Northern Wisconsin. The group focuses on B100. They also met Willie

Willie Nelson gets love from the EPA

The Soy Daily has the full text of the EPA Region 9’s statement this week honoring singer Willie Nelson for his work promoting biodiesel. As most readers are probably aware, Nelson has become one of the most prominent promoters of biodiesel in America, and is one of the reasons gas stations across the country are – slowly –  beginning to offer biodiesel at their pumps. Nelson is one of 39 p