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Freeze-thaw weather, lack of money cited for widespread pothole plague

Freeze-thaw weather, lack of funding cited for widespread pothole plague

Driving in the snow can be a little unnerving at times.

Most modern cars are packed with technology from cameras and radars to swiveling headlights.

Auto makers know that driving in the winter can be dangerous.

If you live in areas with changing weather patterns, you may need to change the tires on your car along with the changing seasons.

There’s nothing in driving that’s quite like hitting a patch of black ice.

Driving in fog is one of the most dangerous situations in which drivers can find themselves, because fog greatly interferes with visibility.


Is it really hot enough outside to fry an egg? How about to bake some cookies?

Are recent record high temps in the Southwest really hot enough to fry an egg? Let's find out.

It’s a Friday afternoon and you decide to cut out of work early to get a head start on the weekend.

For those without the benefit of a temperature-controlled garage or other storage space for our vehicles, car covers can serve as a useful substitute to preserve both the paint and body of a vehicle.

A car is often the second most expensive thing a person owns, right after their house.


This intense video of a Tornado in ​eastern Colorado was uploaded by AccuWeather to their YouTube account over the weekend.

Weather pack connectors started off as a Delphi product and quickly became commonplace in the automotive world.


Winter Storm Jonas' massive snowfall made the weekend rough for the auto industry by closing factories and keeping buyers out of dealers.

Your car is a big investment and you want to protect it from the ravages of time and exposure to the elements.

If you live in an area where snowfall is a possibility, then you need to be prepared for winter driving conditions.

Sunshades provide you with protection from the sun’s glare while you’re driving or protect the steering wheel and dash from heat and light while you’re parked.

Floor mats are more than just an attractive looking item that lay at your feet.

In order to keep your windshield clear you rely on your windshield wipers, but what about what powers them? The windshield wiper motor is the all-important part that sends the blades into motion and enables you to drive in low visibility situations, such as inclement weather.

While the safest option is to avoid driving in bad weather, sometimes you just have no choice.