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A quick Google search is all that is required to find hundreds of stories of people who claim to have increased their fuel mileage by installing a hydrogen generator which extracts hydrogen and oxygen from water and funnels the gas into the engine. Some of the claims are pretty wild, and the Japanese company Genepax has again lit a fire under the topic of running a car on water. While the Genepax car uses a conventional fuel cell, most of the "kits" available on the Internet introduce a bit of g

It never fails, whenever fuel prices go up someone comes up with some new miracle that will reduce or eliminate your gas consumption. Back in the 1970s, it was 200mpg carburetors, magnets you put on the fuel lines and all manner of other things that never worked. One staple of these schemes has always been the car that runs on water. The latest example comes from Japan created by a company called Genepax. They have devised a system that consists of a fuel cell and a so called energy generator. T

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