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Volvo expands engine lineup with two fuel-efficient, 1.6-liter 4-cylinder GTDI mills

Come this fall, Volvo's range of engines will be bolstered with the addition of two new mills that feature a wide variety of the currently available mileage-enhancing tricks and power-boosting techniques. The engines, dubbed the T3 and T4, border on tiny with each mill displacing just 1.6 liters. Nonetheless, they boast power numbers that range from 150 horsepower (in T3 trim) to 180 hp for the T4 unit. Both the T3 and T4 make due with just four

Spy Shots: Next-gen Volvo S60 caught completely uncovered

The gestation period for a new Volvo model has always been rather languid. Back in the 1950s, when tailfins were making annual progress toward low earth orbit, Volvo was cranking out PV444 and 544s. Those cars spent a good part of a decade looking like 1940s Fords, and so it's gone with Volvo's models. The iconic 200 series was in production for nearly 20 years, so while the current S60 was first teased nearly ten years ago, the fact that it's still on sale isn't that surprising given the brand'

VIDEO: Volvo The Game now available for free download

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We kid you not, get ready for Volvo - The Game

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Detroit 2009: Volvo S60 Concept debuts sexy Scandinavian design

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Volvo to webcast Detroit Auto Show press conference live

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Volvo S60 concept features GTDi engine technology and 47 mpg

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Volvo teases S60 Concept ahead of Detroit Auto Show

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