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Incident occurred the same night another bus carrying members of the media was fired upon.

A bus driver in Rio had just about enough of Olympics traffic Wednesday night.

Wrap on the truck bed door shows an image of a woman being kidnapped

A company out of Waco, Texas, has been turning heads with a car wrap some say promote violence against women.


The city of Frankfurt has banned two chapters of the Hells Angels motorcycle club and confiscated their assets, according to Reuters. The city pointed to a history of offenses as the reason behind the move, saying that many members are known to authorities to have violent, drug- or weapon-related offenses on their records. In fact, Germany's federal criminal office recently released a report saying that one in every 10 investigations into organized crime had revealed ties to a motorcycle club. G

Repo men working in rural Alabama attempt to take a man's car at 2:30 am. The car's owner, 67-year-old Jimmy Tanks, hears noises and steps outside with his gun. Shots are fired and Jimmy ends up dead. The tables were turned on another repo man working in Alabama, who ended up dying of a gunshot wound. A third repo man, also in Alabama, was wounded by a gunshot while towing a vehicle away.

A few years back it was not unheard of to see incidents of vandalism and outright destruction committed against large SUVs, especially Hummer H2s. Those incidents have largely died down recently, perhaps because people feel pity for those SUV owners who can no longer afford to drive them and can't afford to get rid of them. Now, however, someone is striking back against what they likely perceive as the overly smug, self-righteous greenies who drive Toyota Priuses. One Prius was completely destro

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