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Vintage Bugatti Rolled On Racetrack

Driver determined to get back on the road

Racing vintage cars comes with a lot of risks and this racer narrowly avoided two of them -- completely trashing a pricy piece of history and succumbing to early automotive technology design flaws.

Monterey 2009: Vintage racers exude speed even at rest

Monterey Historic Automobile Races paddock - Click above for high-res image gallery

eBay Find of the Day: Vintage Racecar Collection

Of course we're checking the couch in the editors lounge for spare change, it's only natural when an impeccable collection of vintage race cars goes on the block. We've found 63 cents so far; if we can avoid the siren song of a Milky Way when we fuel up, we're well on our way to the $855,000 price for this package deal. Chuck Fausel is retiring, and his impressive stable of vintage racers is up for sale, either individually or as a collection. The newest car is a NASCAR veteran from the 1990s, a