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To mark the 125th Anniversary of Varley Electric Vehicles, the Australian company shifted from its long history of golf-cart-like utility vehicles to something completely different: the evR450 electric supercar. The car was revealed at the end of October at the Australian Electric Vehicle Conference but now we've got a few more details about the car (PDF), including something called the "Tritium Wavesculptor" motor controllers, which the company calls "a worldclass on board computer system that

The Varley evR450 is the absolute antithesis of everything the company behind it has done to date. You see, Varley Electric Vehicles has been producing utilitarian battery-powered machines for quite some time now. If you're in Australia and need a hard-working tug for for an airport or factory, this is the company you'd likely call. Now, if you desire a head-turning, Maserati MC12-like pluggable, you can call them for that too.