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As it's December and April Fools' Day is still months away, we aren't entirely sure what to make of the website for the latest piece of automotive vaporware. From a company called Godsil Motorsports, it promises a sixteen-cylinder, natural-gas-powered luxury car called Manhattan V16.


New, Southern California-based supercar maker Bulleta Motors says it has launched the Lotus Evora-based RF22, its first vehicle. If the car allegedly designed by Samir Sadikhov also reminds you of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighter jet, then the RF22 successfully embodies its inspiration. Maybe a little too much; the jet struggled with oxygen-delivery and software problems through the long course of its development, and Bulleta seems to be facing an existential crisis in the early going.

Zenn Motor Company, the former purveyor of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), and Eestor, the eternal purveyor of promises of a supercapacitor-based energy storage unit, have managed to defy at least one of the predictions hurled their way. The two intertwined companies have survived.

We've never heard of EcoloCap before, but the company is claiming a major breakthrough in battery technology. The Barrington, IL battery maker claims to have developed a carbon-nanotube lithium battery that uses much smaller quantities of lithium in powdered form while at the same time exhibiting much higher energy density. The cells have reportedly been "independently" tested by a Phoenix, AZ lab called Exponent.

Earlier in July California based electric vehicle press release manufacturer Zap let us know that they would be making a big announcement about another new car at their annual shareholder meeting. Well the meeting came and went on July 29 at their Santa Rosa CA facility and the usual flurry of press releases failed to materialize. This prompted an e-mail to Zap to see if everything was OK.

For a company that purports to be in the business of zero emission vehicles, Zap sure generates a lot of vapor. The Santa Rosa CA based purveyor of electric vehicle press releases and Chinese-built battery-powered three wheelers has announced that they are going to make an announcement. At the company's annual meeting on July 29th, CEO Steve Schneider will be unveiling plans for another electric car in addition to the Zap-X.

Here at AutoblogGreen we've given a lot of coverage to Zap and in particular their announcements about the Zap-X. The operative word in that first sentence is "announcements", because that's all that exists right now. Unlike the Tesla Roadster or Phoenix SUT or even the UEV Spyder all of which exist at least in a drivable prototype form, the Zap-X is limited to a really remarkable spec sheet, some design sketches and a Lotus design concept that is supposed to provide the basis for the new electr

The ever cranky Robert Farago has weighed in on the subject of Tesla Motors, and makes some valid points even if his overall tone is a bit overwrought. While acknowledging that the stated specs are impressive, he emphasizes that no one has been able to independently verify any of them, or even drive the prototypes. So far all first hand press impressions of the Roadster have come from the passenger seat. While no car maker would generally let media drive away with a development prototype, like t