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General Motors won't reinstate employee pricing. Really.

Those of you holding your breath and waiting for General Motors to reinstate employee pricing will have to hold it a little longer. Despite the automaker's plans to revive the rebates and low-financing deals present in June as incentives to move metal off dealership lots, the company is resisting the urge to follow Chrysler back into the employee pricing abyss.

GM raises prices on Silverado and Sierra

Though it may appear General Motors is backtracking on its "Value Pricing" strategy that slashed an average of $1,300 off sticker prices across the company's brands last January, the decision by the General to raise prices on its best selling Silverado and Sierra full-size pickups has a reason. With both models scheduled for a redesign next year, raising their prices now will reduce the amount they'll need to go up when the new models arrive, according to AutoWeek. While the amount of price incr

Buick Lucerne living large on dealer lots

General Motors would like to us view the Lucerne as one of its Value Pricing success stories. The big FWD sedan is selling well with few incentives, which means its average transaction price is staying relatively high. Buick has sold 22,124 Lucerne's in the first quarter, but is expecting to build 145,000 by the end of the year.