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Turns out that converting a NASCAR race track into a college football stadium takes a lot of work.

NASCAR and college football are equally huge in the South, but both worlds will converge in 2016 when the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech are scheduled to play in the infield of the Bristol Motor Speedway. According to ESPN, the game will likely be played on September 10, 2016, and it could draw as many as 160,000 fans to the game – the current record for attendance at a college football game is 115,109, the attendance figure from this season's match-up between the University of

About 100 million acres of cropland would have to be dedicated to biomass sources such as switchgrass to produce 25 percent of the country's energy in 2025. That comes from a University of Tennessee study that also said such a move would generate $700 billion in new economic activity. The study says the biomass farming would not interfere with the country's demand for food or feed. The report suggests using 105 million acres of the nation's 800 million acres of agriculture land. Much of the need

Similar to Jacksonville's internal biodiesel production but on a smaller scale, the University of Tennessee is working on a self-sustained project of their own. Project leader Scott Curran, a senior engineering student, says they can produce 200 gallons of B20 in one week from leftover vegetable oil from the UT Dining Services which will be used in the campus' 11 facility service vehicles.

This Wednesday and Thursday Chattanooga will host a technology summit focusing on, among other things, fuel cells. The fuel cell on exhibit, made by Silicon Valley-based Ion America, was installed near the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's SIM Center earlier this year. Project manager Jim Henry, a UTC engineering professor, said the unit is about the size of a refrigerator and is one of the most powerful for its design in the United States, according to an article in the Chattanooga Times

New Scientist magazine reports that researchers at the University of Tennessee and Batelle Institute have applied for patents on a system that detects the speed of a passing vehicle based on its exhaust note.

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