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The COP 15 Copenhagen United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 kicks off this today in Copenhagen, and all of those delegates and personnel need to get around somehow. Auto companies from around the world are providing vehicles for the event, including 15 Think City EVs, 60 Citroen C1 ev'ie electric cars, a Mercedes Benz E-Class sedan running on pure biodiesel provided by Solazyme, a fleet of Honda Insights and at least on Honda FCX Clarity. There's also the city's public transportation sys

The Age of Stupid had its premiere last night in the UK and, as was befitting a movie about global warming, attendees of the event arrived by green means including solar-powered car, bicycles, rickshaw and Tesla Roadster. Such was the concern for the modes of transportation used that guests were specifically asked not to fly in for the screening. The movie was shown in a solar-powered cinema tent and beamed to 64 theaters across the UK via satellite as organizers hoped to host, not only the gree