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I'm not sure how much of a plus it is right now to have the word Chrysler on your resumé, but Aptera apparently thinks that former Chrysler (and Saleen) executive Marques McCammon is the right person to help bring the Typ 1 to the world in his new position as Chief Marketing Officer. One of McCammon's first moves (with Aptera CEO Paul Wilbur) was to hire the Los Angeles-based marketing and communications company PCGCampbell to represent Aptera in the PR sphere. PCGCampbell's managing part

The Aptera Typ-1 asks a lot of questions of the car-buying public. Are you ready for a flightless bird vehicle? Do you know the difference between the legal crash test requirements of a three-wheeled versus a four-wheeled vehicle? Do you like the new design Oh, and did we mention the 230 mpge of the prototype?

If you have been to the Aptera website in the past and signed up for their newsletter you will have probably received a nice e-mail message from them yesterday addressed to "Aptera Family" that had some great news and even featured a few videos. If you didn't, don't worry. I'll not only give you the skinny on what you missed, but after the jump you can watch the brand new video (we've already shown you the others) which is a guided tour of the Aptera Typ-1. But wait there's more, because I'm a n

So, Popular Mechanics' senior automotive editor Ben Stewart is a lucky man. He recently drove for 20 miles in the Aptera's teardrop-shaped new electric car. He filmed the drive and got 10 inside-scoop shots. He came back very impressed.