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Volvo shows off self-driving, electric truck with no cab

Watch it in action on video; here's how it works

Watch it in action on video; here's how it works

Trump executive order holding up semi truck safety rules

Limiters were supported by truckers and safety agencies.

Tractor trailer drags car for miles along California highway

The horrifying experience was caught on video.

What a drag, man.

Trucker cat rides 400 miles the hard way

Percy disappeared in Ohio and reappeared in Indiana.

Percy the cat had to endure a 400-mile ride beneath the truck.

Truckers work together to stop incredibly drunk driver

Cause we got a little old convoy rockin' through the night.

It's the way of the road.

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Scania builds gigantic working clock out of fourteen tractor trailers

If you like trucks, or clocks, or clocks made of trucks this is the video for you.

Trucker pushes through Louisiana flood waters in tractor trailer

A video was released last week showing tractor trailers braving a flooded freeway in Louisiana to deliver their loads on time.

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VW buys stake in Navistar and gains foothold in US truck market

This deal also shows that, despite the diesel scandal, VW feels healthy enough to keep expanding.

Watch this dash cam of drivers rescuing a woman after a ten car pileup

In a stunning display of every-day heroism, a group of motorists ran to the rescue of a woman trapped in a burning wreck after a ten-car pileup in Binghamton, New York.

The government has an unexpected ally in 68 mph truck speed limit push

The proposed speed limit could save over $1 billion in fuel each year.

Semi truck slams into stalled school bus in Pennsylvania

A tractor-trailer crashed into a school bus carrying 37 students to an end-of-year field trip in Pennsylvania this week.

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Driver barely avoids being crushed by tractor trailer

A driver in New York barely avoided being flattened on a bridge last week when a semi lost its load and flopped over in front of him.

Trucker uses fishing line to avoid bridge tolls

Perhaps taking inspiration from the Aston Martin DB5 that James Bond drove in Goldfinger, a New York-area trucker was discovered using a very Q-branch style modification to his truck in an attempt to avoid paying tolls.

Minnesota dog takes semi-truck on joyride

Trucking is a lonely line of work full of long, monotonous stretches of driving punctuated by fast food, cheap motels, and short stints of heavy labor. To relieve the loneliness and boredom, some truckers travel with a co-driver, others spend their time chattering away on the CB to anyone who will listen. Smart truckers though, smart truckers get a dog.

Ford CEO thanks Super Duty owner who hauled semis out of snow

A feel-good ending to a feel-good story.

Ford CEO Mark Fields thanked a New York man for using his Ford Super Duty pickup to pull stranded semi trucks out of a snow storm earlier this month.

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