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Toyota: Every future Prius might be a plug-in hybrid

Instead of simply improving gas-electric tech, the answer may lie in plugs.

If you think the Prime is a big advancement for Toyota, you're not alone.

Toyota Corolla PHEV on the way, but only in China

New plug-in hybrid arrives in 2018, along with a Levin PHEV.

At the Beijing Motor Show, Toyota announced that it will introduce two new plug-in hybrids in 2018.

Toyota out of the Chamber of Commerce? Plug in America calls out the troops

The Yes Men were in the news recently for a hoax that put the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's lame position on climate change under the spotlight. This week, Move On and Plug In America are pushing an online campaign to get Toyota to stop funding the Chamber's anti-climate lobbying. The campaign resulted in Sebastian Blanco

CalCars: Toyota does not approve of plugging in your Prius

Pushed by talk in Congress about possibly giving incentives to taxpayers for converting standard hybrids to plug-in hybrids, Toyota today announced their reasons for not supporting PHEVs. In a memo written by Charles E. Ing, Director, Government Affairs Toyota Motor North America, and posted over at pro-PHEV advocates CalCars, Toyota