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While not every state offers as big a rebate on the Tesla Roadster as Colorado does, there is a federal tax credit of $7,500 available to people who buy the electric sports car. Drivers aren't the only ones that various governments want to help in getting electric vehicles on the road. Tesla Motors itself will benefit from a favorable bit of tax massaging by state of California Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

What will the State of Michigan get out of Tesla's new Michigan Technical Center in Rochester Hills? According to Governor Jennifer Granholm, the $47.7 million facility will create 76 new jobs. For these jobs, what did the state and other local governments need to give up? First, a state tax credit worth $602,000 over three years, along with a Rochester Hills city incentive package worth $14,500. The city package is made up of a job fair for the company, a three-year abatement of the company's p