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Chinese authorities bring out the drug-sniffing dogs for Mazda Taiki

So you're a customs officer in Beijing, and out of the trailer you're inspecting is hauled a... a what? The Japanese people who have accompanied it, who claim to be from Mazda, also claim that it's a concept car. Frankly, it could also be a submarine, or it might eat people -- or it could be an elaborate ruse for hauling drugs or bombs. So the officials at Beijing airport let the dogs out to sniff for, well, probably everything. Finding nothing, the Taiki was allowed to roll on

2009 Mazda3 design to influence Mazda's entire lineup

Click the image above for more high-res shots of the Ryuga concept.

Rendered Speculation: Mazda's Taiki-inspired RX-7 revival

"We've just introduced a special edition of the RX-8" was the response from a Mazda rep when asked when we might get a new RX-7. Not the answer to the question, but we understand that it's all hush-hush when it comes to whatever might be in store on the 2-door, rear wheel drive, not-an-MX-5 tip. A new RX-7 (FE?) will debut within the next three years according to Autocar, and it will be the first production car to carry the design themes presented in Mazda's latest series of concept car

Mazda debuts new-gen Rotary in Taiki show car

Say what you will about the styling of the Mazda Taiki concept that's currently on display in Tokyo. It's quite possible that what's underneath is more interesting, anyway. Under the hood of the Taiki is a new gen rotary engine from Mazda called the 16X Renesis. Of course, the Rotary engine has its share of detractors, but Mazda's sticking with it anyway.

Tokyo Motor Show 2007 videos: Audi Metroproject, Mazda Taiki, Toyota Hi-CT

Below the fold are three videos from the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The first video includes many green cars like the Toyota Nissan Pivo 2, Audi Metroproject, Honda Lascelles Linton

Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda Taiki live

The Mazda Taiki, bowing today at the Tokyo Motor Show, is not the greenest car on these pages, but it certainly is fun to look at. With the new Renesis 2 rotary engine under the Nagare hood, there is at least the potential to run this thing on hydrogen in some fashion. Mazda is also displaying the Sebastian Blanco

Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda Taiki concept

Click the image above for a gallery of pics of the Mazda Taiki concept.