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A Chinese startup may have cracked solid-state batteries

But details are, predictably, sparse

But details are, predictably, sparse.

Stung by Asian dominance, Germany pours cash into EV battery ventures

Germany earmarks $1.2B for battery production, research

Germany earmarks $1.2B for battery production and research.

Hyundai invests in solid-state battery developer from America

The race is on to get solid-state batteries

The race is on to get solid-state batteries.

Dyson's electric car venture to be three-part

The first car won't have solid-state batteries after all.

The first Dyson vehicle is planned for 2020.

Fisker EMotion EV and flexible solid-state battery debut at CES

This is our first full look at the EMotion's interior.

The Fisker EMotion combines style, range, a luxurious interior and an advanced suite of lidar sensors for autonomous driving.

Bracing for EV shift, NGK Spark Plug ignites all solid-state battery quest

World's biggest spark plug company prepares for EVs.

"Ultimately this could make our spark plug and oxygen sensor businesses obsolete."

Honda joins the quest for solid-state EV batteries

It's researching the technology but denies it's developing them with Nissan

It's researching the technology but denies it's developing them with Nissan.

Solid-state batteries: Why Toyota's plans could be a game-changer for EVs

This could revolutionize transportation. Take it from John Goodenough.

Toyota reportedly plans long-range, fast-charging solid-state EV by 2022

Solid state batteries are safer than lithium-ion and can be charged in minutes.

Dyson drops solid-state battery patents

The reasons are unclear, as is the future of a Dyson EV.

It's not necessarily bad news, though.

Sakti3 scooped up by Dyson for a cool $90 million

Vacuum-Cleaner Maker Broadens Technology Investment, May Reach Plug-In Vehicles

Solid-state lithium-ion technology from University of Michigan spin-off is the draw.

VW considering single, cheaper li-ion cell for all plug-in vehicle batteries

One Cell Style Could Cut Costs By 66 Percent

Volkswagen is considering switching to a standardized lithium-ion battery cell design for future plug-in vehicles that could lower the parts' costs by 66 percent.

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Sakti3's 'disruptive' solid state lithium battery tech inches closer

It's been quite a while since we've heard anything from Sakti3, the Ann Arbor-based battery company that has been working on next-generation solid state lithium batteries for many years. Heck, even the company's websi

Toyota: solid-state batteries coming in 2020, 3-4 times better than li-ion

Toyota has never been a big fan of lithium ion batteries, and has a plan in place to replace them with solid-state batteries that are three-to-four times more powerful. Toyota will commercialize solid-state batteries around 2020 and lithium air batteries – which offer a fivefold increase for the same weight – could follow several years later, said Shigeki Suzuki, managing off

Toyota could have 600-mile, solid state battery ready by 2015-2020

The Holy Grail of electric vehicle technology is coming soon, according to Japanese news outlet Nikkei.

Solid-state batteries hold tremendous potential and big challenges

Solid-state battery technology is the electric vehicle Holy Grail. Or is it?

Ann Marie Sastry and Sakti3 developing solid-state lithium-ion batteries

Matthew Dakotah over at the Huffington Post has been writing a special "Women in Power" series that profiles leaders in energy and environmental innovation. His latest article on Ann Marie Sastry piqued our interest since she happens to be President and CEO of Sakti3. If you recall, Sakti3 is a promising next-generation lithium-ion battery developer that General Motors and Itochu invest

Planar Energy to begin small-scale production of solid-state batteries in 2011

Planar Energy, a spin-off of the National Renewable Energy Laboratories, has quietly been developing solid-state battery technology and remains convinced that the future of electric vehicle batteries is solid-state technology. The Orlando-based company believes that its solid-state design could potentially offer more power output and higher energy storage d