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Toyota developing solar-powered car for the road

Don't get too excited yet, but reports are coming out of Japan that say Toyota is developing a solar-powered car. First of all an electric car that draws electricity solely from the sun is still quite a few years off. The first stage is a car that gets some power directly from vehicle mounted solar cells with the bulk coming from being plugged into a solar array at home. This is really not much different than some Tesla Roadster owners like Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk are doing today, some wit

UK Petrol Retailers Association suggests solar-powered EV stations

We'd imagine that the UK Petrol Retailers Association would have a vested interest in making the business model of the tried-and-true gas station survive. So, we aren't all that surprised to read about the group's suggestion that future gas stations should carry solar roofs that feed power into electricity dispensers, especially now that the Prime Minister has pledged large sums of money f

Elon Musk on PHEV's, battery technology and solar cells

Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria recently got some face-to-face time with Elon Musk, who, as you surely know by now, is one of the "product architects" at Tesla Motors. There were plenty of interesting quotes to come from the interview, but a few truly stood out from the rest. For instance, Musk slams Jeremy Korzeniewski

Solar power heats up. Government freezes projects.

With the cost of fuels and the environmental toll of traditional carbon-based sources of electricity generation quickly climbing, solar power in America has become so popular that the government has placed a moratorium on the building of any such projects on Western public land. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), has decided to initiate a programmatic Environmental

VIDEO: Nanosolar makes a one gigawatt printing press

With so many auto-makers throwing their hats into the electric car ring, cleanly producing electricity cheaply becomes even more important. While the oft-touted nuclear solution seems to be getting a lot more exp

Thule to install solar cells on roof of U.S. headquarters

Thule, self proclaimed "experts in maximizing a vehicle's roof space," have decided to maximize their own roof space, so to speak, by installing a 318-kilowatt (kW) DC solar photovoltaic (PV) system at their Seymour, CT U.S. headquarters. Consisting of two separate arrays with a total of 1,876 solar panels, the system will provide 26 percent of the facility's total

Nelson Kruschandl shows how to make a solar car on the cheap

Wanna build a solar car? Good new for you, then! Nelson Kruschandl has set up a website where he gives you the ins and outs of solar car construction. Sure, there's plenty of power available from the sun, the tricky part is harnessing enough of it to get anywhere. Therefore, lightweight parts and low power consumption are the name of the game. The make the process as simple to und

Durham University developing light-absorbing materials for sustainable solar cells

According to professor Ken Durose, Director of the Durham Centre for Renewable Energy, "One of the main issues in solar energy is the cost of materials and we recognise that the cost of solar cells is slowing down their uptake. If solar panels were cheap enough so you could buy a system off the shelf that provided even a fraction of your power needs you

Powering your electric car from your home with wind power?

We are big proponents of the electric car, and for good reason. The majority of Americans could use one for their daily commute without making any concessions at all, even if they don't know it. There are some stumbling blocks for sure, public perception being one of them. Available charging stations being another one. While Jeremy Korzeniewski

Governor Kulongoski of Oregon to sign biofuels bill

Now here's some forward thinking. Instead of taking the route many states have and focusing on the immediate and obvious problem of fuel efficiency, Ted Kulongoski (my condolences on your name, man), Governor of Oregon, is taking productive action and signing the Biofuel Bill, as it hath been dubbed, at a SeQuential Biofuels station in Eugene, Oregon (that's pr

Using colored dyes instead of silicon for solar cells

Again, as we pointed out in a previous posting, solar power is likely the most environmentally source of power available, but there are problems associated with it. Currently, solar cells are not cheap enough, nor are they powerful enough to replace much of our existing power generation methods. The fact that they are environmentally friendly alone is

Portugal wants 45% renewable electricity output and 10% of all fuels to be biofuels

Here is some shocking news: The Government plans to make nearly half of the electricity consumed using wind, wave and solar power! Oh wait... that's the government of Portugal. Well, still, it is great news. The old goal was 39 percent in 3 years, it was recently upped to 45 percent by Prime Minister Jose Socrates.

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