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Sunswift IV sets solar-powered vehicle speed record

Late last week, the Australian-built solar racer, Sunswift IV, officially captured the title of the world's fastest solar-powered vehicle. Designed by the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the Sunswift IV – known as IVy – smashed the previous record of 79 kilometers per hour (49 miles per hour) by posting a 54.7 mph run. A UNSW spokesman said there could be another record set soon: "We've beaten the record by 10 km/h (per hour) - it reached a speed of 88 km/h - and we think we ca

It's Friday: Home-built solar trike boggles the mind

Solar technology, while promising, doesn't quite seem ready to power our vehicles. Large solar installations that constantly collect the sun's rays and store them for later use may be an excellent option to power electric vehicles, but even the best photovoltaic cells in the world are not yet efficient enough to generate enough electricity to provide for any meaningful range, at least for the kind of vehicle that most people would want to d

Solar Taxi arrives at UN Climate conference after 17 months on the road

Swiss teacher Louis Palmer is nearing the completion of his round-the-world trip in a solar-powered vehicle. Palmer arrived at the UN Climate Change conference in Poznan, Poland last week in his solar taxi. The two-seat trike has completed 32,365 miles over the 17-month trek, running mostly on solar energy collected through a trailer covered in photovoltaic cells. Unfortunately, clouds limit the amount of energy that can be collected from the sun at times, so Palmer has had to plug in the taxi n