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In March, Honda unveiled the Small Hybrid Sports concept (above). The big deal with this car is that it would be offered only as a hybrid - every time you see one on the road, you know it's a hybrid car. This is the same realization you get when you see a Prius driving by. There is no diesel or non-hybrid version of the Prius, and this instant identification has helped Toyota sell bunches of the popular car. In a new article about the show-off factor of hybrids, Newsweek calls this "Prius envy."

If pictures and words don't make you feel as viscerally there as video, Honda's got you covered from the Geneva Motor Show. Yesterday, they put up three vids of the Small Hybrid Sports concept (50 seconds), the booth experience in general (90 seconds) and the earth-image F1 car (40 seconds). There are exactly zero bits of spoken words in the videos; they're more like quick music videos. For details on these cars, click on the related stories below: