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Sharing a car with a stranger is nothing new, as any "slug" in the D.C. area can tell you. For the past four years, Zimride has been working to update the sort of semi-official, ad-hoc "instant carpooler" that's common around D.C. into an internet-based social ridesharing program that works in areas around the nation. To mark the busy travel weekend that is Thanksgiving in the U.S., Zimride is promoting its new public routes, which are open to anyone traveling between select popular destinations

Generally, referring to somebody as a 'slug' isn't likely to be a good way to make new friends. In Virginia, though, being a slug might just be a great way to meet new people while saving some cash. How so? Apparently, 'slugging' refers to catching rides with people you don't know. The goal, of course, is to cut down on fuel consumption and travel time by using the carpool lanes. Drivers and riders meet up at specific parking lots early in the morning and discuss where everybody is headed. Once