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After reading about a new Whole Foods Market featuring two super-green-friendly plug-in vehicle charging stations out in its parking lot, one wonders if the IFC sketch comedy show should be renamed "Brooklandia." Because it doesn't get much more crunchy than this.


Sometimes, a clever name sends a clear, defining message. With the Skypump, Urban Green Energy and GE, have portmanteued two simple words about their new product – a wind-powered electric vehicle charging station – into a name that says, hey, this is something different.

We doubt that charging your electric vehicles using solar will become passé any time soon, but when it does, at least we have options when comes to fossil fuel-free electrons. Urban Green Energy is teaming with General Electric to create charging stations that funnel power from the wind directly into your EV's batteries. They even have a clever name: the skypump.

Imagine this scenario: you're out in your electric vehicle and you're just about to run out of battery range. What to do? Charge it of course. But where? There's already a ton of confusion about who, what and where EV charging stations will be installed. Also, there's the whole 'where does the energy come from?' thing. But, the solution isn't too difficult: let Mother Nature foot the bill.