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Dutch Flying Car Available For Sale

America's oldest catalogue offering the vehicle for $295,000

You may not be able to find it in a show room or take it for a test drive, but you can now own an actual flying car for the low, low price of $295,000.

Moller Skycar makes it on eBay

When we first reported on the Moller M400 Skycar auction a couple of weeks ago, we speculated that you would need a pilot's license in addition to the $4 million reserve price. Well, the flying car has finally reached the pages of eBay and we have more of the specifics for you. As many of us suspected, the Skycar "is suitable for test and evaluation only and is not certified for use by the Federal Aviation Auth

Rotary engine below SULEV standard on ethanol

A month ago, Joel noted that Moller, the makers of the Skycar, found ethanol to be the perfect fuel for its Rotapower rotary engines. Today, Moller announced in a new press release that with ethanol, they're achieving remarkably low emissions.

Skycar maker likes ethanol

Remember the Skycar (pictured)? Well, its maker, Moller International, Inc., finds ethanol to be a perfect fuel for its Rotapower(R) rotary engine line. The company had tested the engine using gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and alcohol and found it ran best using ethanol. States founder Paul Moller, "It runs so clean that when we disassemble and inspect the engine after a test it is spo