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We like to listen to GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, because he has more experience than just about anybody else in the industry, and because he likes to spill the beans on new product for the General. Blogger Bob confirmed a V12 flagship for the Cadillac brand, and now GM Global Engineering boss Jim Queen is confirming at least the need for a more upscale Caddy.

Podcast #60 finds us reminiscing about the Geneva Motor Show. We spend a while talking about what our team saw at the show - standout vehicles, best and worst, most surprising (good and bad) to see in person versus pictures. John presses Damon for information about how some hotly anticipated cars such as the Mazda2, Audi S5, and the M3 looked at our first opportunity to be up close and personal with them. A good long time is spent covering Geneva before we turn our attention to Ford's sale of As

During an interview with David Sedgwick of Automotive News, Bob Lutz, GM's vice chairman, revealed that plans to offer a Cadillac in the $150,000 to $180,000 realm are still on the table. Although production of the 2003 Sixteen concept has come up in previous conversations, within GM, it has always been more of a styling exercise, built to influence future Caddy designs. That said, the General has researched the idea and came away impressed with the business case.

Yeah. We're bummed too. Not surprised, just disappointed. Way back in 2003 when GM rolled this 16-cylinder beauty onto a NAIAS stage, it was easy to believe in a revived Cadillac. The grand Sixteen would be the pinnacle of all American-built cars and would lead the way for U.S. automakers' return to the forefront of vehicle design and engineering.