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Tesla faces lawsuit over Elon Musk's compensation package

The suit also seeks to overhaul Tesla's board

The suit also seeks to overhaul Tesla's board.

Tesla shareholders sue over SolarCity deal

Automaker says claim is 'without merit.'

Tesla announced the $2.6 billion buyout of SolarCity in August. Not everyone is happy.

Tesla lost $293M last quarter, says 80k deliveries will happen this year

It's now on the low end of previous estimates, but the delivery schedule stands.

This is Tesla's 13th straight quarterly loss.

VW exec bonuses could be slashed due to diesel scandal

The top nine VW execs made about $80 million in 2014.

A major Volkswagen shareholder says executive bonuses should be cut in response to diesel-emissions fallout.

Tesla delivers 7,579 Model S EVs in Q2, maybe picks Reno, NV for Gigafactory

There Are Now 156 Superchargers Installed Worldwide

When it comes to describing its situation, not even Bob Ross could paint a prettier picture than Tesla Motors. The California automaker has had a good few months and announced today that it delivered 7,579 Model S EVs in the second quarter of 2014. That's the most the company has ever delivered in a three-mont

GM shareholders upset over Wagoner's pay

Considering the sorry state of financial affairs that GM appears to be in, it seems extremely unsurprising that the board would like to see some big changes made at the very top of the company. What is a little shocking, though, is just how soundly the specific proposals were rejected. For instance, a proposal sponsored by John Chevedden of Redondo Beach, California, which would

Documentary implicates BMW's controlling shareholders in War Crimes

For those who missed the news, a documentary aired late last month at the Hamburg film festival and on German television in which the Quandt family, principal shareholders in BMW, have been implicated in Nazi war crimes stemming from the family's past during the Holocaust and concurrent Second World War.

Toyota shareholder meeting turns into tearful lovefest

You can imagine that for most automakers in today's market, shareholder meetings are about as fun as finding out your CUV only got 4 stars from the NHTSA instead of 5. Toyota has often been the exception to the rule, and its recent shareholder meeting went down unlike any other today in Toyota City, Japan. Rather than the normal bitching and moaning from shareholders about what management didn't do or should've done, the Toyota board was regaled with praise from its shareholders. One woman was r

GM shareholders' meeting: progress, Proton and healthcare

Rick Wagoner had good news to report at GM's shareholder meeting, held yesterday: progress is being made, and the company is on track to shed $2.2 billion in expenses this year. He also said that GM is still in talks with Proton, but that it's "more a possibility for us than a probability." What remain as hot button topics for the year are settling negotiations with the UAW and Delphi to get Delphi out of Chapter 11, and reducing healthcare costs, which amounted to $4.8 billion last year.

DaimlerChrysler stocks skyrockets on talk of Chrysler sale

We have no idea who will end up with Chrysler once all this madness ends, but we can say that there are already quite a few winners in the process -- DCX stockholders.