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Austrian hyper-miler beats his own record when driving a Seat Ibiza Ecomotive to 100 mpg

Last May, Austrian Gerhard Plattner took a Seat Ibiza Ecomotive and drove it from the factory where it was built, in Martorell (near Barcelona), Spain, and drove it a distance of 970.6 miles using just 2.9 liters of fuel per 100 km. This comes to 81.1 mpg (U.S.), an impressive figure. But, since there's always room for improvement, Plattner repeated the test. This time, he completed a 1

Austrian hyper-miler gets 81.1 mpg in Seat Ibiza Ecomotive

Once upon a time when drivers went driving across multiple countries, it was in pursuit of doing it in the least amount of time. These days, it seems to be just as often that drivers are still going for the least, but now it's about minimizing fuel consumption. After a team of drivers ran over 1,400 miles on a tank of petrol in a Fusion hybrid last week, an Austrian driver took the

Seat Ibiza Ecomotive gets "most ecological vehicle award" in Germany

The Verkehrs-Club Deutschland has declared the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive to be the most environmentally friendly car in Germany based on its CO2 emissions. The Ibiza actually shares the honor with its sibling, the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion.

SEAT announces green Ibiza Ecomotive

The Spanish marque Seat, which belongs to the VAG group, has announced a line of greener vehicles, just the same way Volkswagen has its BlueMotion. Similiar lines were already announced for Audi and Skoda.