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Long Beach Grand Prix 2010: Records broken in World Challenge [Spoilers]

2010 Toyo Tires World Challenge at Long Beach – Click above for high-res image gallery

Patrick Dempsey to race at Long Beach... but not in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

Actor Patrick Dempsey is no stranger to racetracks, nor to the pages of Autoblog. We've run into the Gray's Anatomy star at various races and automotive events over the past few years, most recently piloting a '90s Mazda RX-792 LeMans racer in t

eBay Find of the Day: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette SCCA racer recreation

1968 SCCA Chevrolet Corvette tribute - Click above for high-res image gallery

Barber Motorsports hosts V8 StockCar, Spec Miatas

After a nasty, soggy day of racing Saturday, Alabama's unusually wet weather cleared Sunday morning, and out came the V8 Chris Tutor

Barber Motorsports hosts SARRC Club racing

It was wet and nasty, but the SARRC Club participants forged ahead at Barber Motorsports in Birmingham, Ala. Despite the bad weather, accidents were few and spirits were high, Saturday. Autoblog wandered the paddock, talking to drivers and fans and snapping photos of anything interesting. Race results for those interested should be posted on the Web site of the Alabama Region SCCA soon. For a couple of stories from the participants check the jump.

Autocross carnage - GT3 takes out a WRX, Celica GT, A3

I've been to several SCCA Autocross events, run in a couple, and can proudly say the most damage I've seen consists of a dirt-filled grille and a flat tire. But the SCCA folks don't make you sign those release forms and wear those cool hair-pulling bracelets for nothing.

Ford Shelby GT approved to compete in SCCA

The SCCA has just given approval to the Ford Shelby GT so the car can be raced in its T2 class. In the process, lucky owners of Mustangs with Ford's Racing Performance Packs were let in as well. The FRPPs boost hp a bit, sharpen handling, strengthen braking, and generally make the 'Stangs more trackable. Seeing as how the Frank Filipponio

SEMA: Pontiac Solstice Club Sport Z0K

We really liked this one. Fun little track version of Pontiac's most flingable car. Orange must be this year's black, as it seemed to be everywhere this year. Perhaps the Halloween theme got to the designers' heads. This particular example was a little less vibrant than some, but orange none-the-less, reminding us of traffic cones. Maybe like the ones you'd see out in a parking lot to help mark the track during a SOLO II event. Which is appropriate here.

SCCA Champ gets an MX-5 and entry in 2007 MX-5 Cup

Win on Sunday, collect prize on Monday, and maybe win again next season. In the biggest contingency awards program ever, MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development will award a new 2007 Mazda MX-5, along with a box of go-fast goodies, to the winner of the annual SCCA National Championship Runoffs. The MX-5 will be equipped with accessories like a roll-cage, a racing suspension and a whole lotta MAZDASPEED parts. With the car, the equipment, up to 8 sets of Hankook tires, and entry fees paid by the SCCA

A brief history of Trans Am racing

With an apparent resurgence of muscle cars coming from Detroit, many are reminded of the "good ol' days" of Trans Am racing. This particular series mutated from the SCCA's B-Production Sedan class when the decision was made to award a manufacturer's title - a move that eventually dragged Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and AMC into a high-dollar factory-sponsored war for muscle car dominance.