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New vocabulary: "Smartlets" could charge plug-in vehicles from sidewalk

Smartlets. Sounds like a new, electrolyte-filled candy or something you plug into your MacBook. Instead, Smartlets are one idea that would provide power to plug-in electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt or the Saturn Vue.

Detroit 2008: Saturn Vue 2-mode hybrid

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GM started making Saturn Vue hybrids in Mexico today

Even Mexican President Felipe Calderon is excited about the Saturn Vue hybrid. Today, Calderon announced the start of production of the vehicle in Mexico, Automotive News reports. The plant is in Ramos Arizpe and has an annual capacity of 6,500 hybrid Vues. GM employees have been making standard Vues there since July. These SUVs will be exported north to the US and Canada. GM is still undecided on whe