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Over in Europe, midsize cars like the Opel Vectra, Renault Laguna and Ford Mondeo have long been offered in multiple body configurations including four-door sedans, station wagons and, of course, five-door hatchbacks. Unlike Americans, who for some reason are averse to a fifth body opening unless the vehicle rides 4 to 6 inches higher than it should, Europeans have always appreciated the extra utility. The Opel Vectra is being replaced this summer by the redesigned and renamed Insignia, but so f

The new Epsilon II based replacement for the Opel Vectra is now expected to make it's official debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March, and the first interior shots have now surfaced. A pretty much camo free prototype was nabbed while testing in Colorado and the photographer managed to get some shots of the interior. Judging from this mule it looks like the new Opel will have an interior almost identical to the GTC concept that was shown at Geneva this year.