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Turns out, pretty much any part of a car can get a green makeover. ARC Automotive Inc., for example, has figured out a way to make an airbag inflator that use saltwater brine (and a small pyrotechnic charge) to deploy an airbag instead of the larger charges that other pyrotechnic inflators use. Standard inflators also generate hot gases that add complexity (namely, the need for cooling) to the airbag system.

Salt water as fuel? Not exactly, but kinda. John Kanzius discovered that by focusing certain radio-frequencies on a test tube of salt water, he could ignite the contents, which would them become hot enough to melt the test tube. The process has been independently verified by Rustum Roy, a Penn State University chemist. According to Roy, what is actually happening is the hydrogen is being separated from the salt water and ignited. As long as the water is bombarded with the radio-frequency, it con