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Clean Air Power has announced that one of Britain's largest supermarket chains, Sainsbury's, has signed a contract with them to expand the use of biomethane in their trucks. Back in August 2007, Sainsbury's tried Clean Air's technology for the first time and in August 2008, it began to operate one of its Mercedes-Benz Axor Euro 3 vehicles fitted with Clean Air Power's Genesis' Dual-Fuel combustion technology. The system will now be used in five additional units. The system burns biomethane mixed

While their bigger competitor Tesco has gotten most of the headlines for using some electric delivery trucks, and putting solar roofs on their buildings, Sainsbury hasn't been sitting idle. With all the traffic congestion in central London, delivery trucks are often sitting idling in traffic jams. To compensate, the supermarket chain is testing out the use of barges on the River Thames to make deliveries to their stores in western London. The company wants to cut the mileage of its truck fleet