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The world's first smartboat can be carried on your back

Need a kayak? A canoe? A sailboat? All 3? No problem

Need a kayak? A canoe? A sailboat? All 3? No problem.

Maserati sets sail to beat speed records at sea

With Poseidon's trident on the nose and more chrome portals than a marina full of mega yachts, the link between Maserati and boats isn't imaginary. In fact, its engines have propelled racing boats to a number of powerboat championships in Italy and around the world. But now the Modenese automaker is embarking on a different kind of voyage with the sailboat you see here.

Bavaria's new Flagship: Cruiser 55 sailboat by BMW DesignworksUSA

Bavaria Cruiser 55 by BMW DesignworksUSA – Click above for a high-res image gallery

Miss Statue of Liberty green ferry to debut in 2008

Take a look above at the picture of the new green ferry, the Miss Statue of Liberty, which will be ferrying up to 600 passengers at a time to view the Statue of Liberty in New York. The statue, of course, reminds people of freedom, and being free of petroleum is what this ferry is all about. An on-board "solar sail" provides some electric power for the boat, and also is capable of catching the wind for forward motion. Addi

Heard of regenerative braking? How about regenerative sailing?

We've showcased marine technology concepts that involve solar, wind and electric power. But here's a production boat with twin electric motors, and the company says it will make the powertrain optional on other models. The Lagoon 440 is a fully appointed French catamaran sailboat with a half-million-dollar price tag. The electric motors turn at 900 to 1,110 rpm for efficient cruising when needed. A small diesel-powered 22-kW generator charges 144-volt