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Sure, the government has spent a heap of money promoting hybrids and hydrogen fuel cells and other green car technologies. But it shouldn't come as a surprise to many that the federal government has a lot more to give away. One of the sessions at last week's EDTA conference was dedicated to find ways to pork out on these funds. Over 100 people came to listen to Kelly Carnes, of Techvision 21, give the skivvy on these grants, and here's what she had to say.

Screw the Prius. Isn't that what the image above says to you? This is the first slide in the presentation Glen Bowling, general manager of Saft America's Space and Defense Division, gave at the EDTA conference yesterday. The session he was speaking at, "Defending our Future: Preparedness and National Security" was lightly attended, but I can't say if attendees were simply not interested in the topic or if they stayed away because it was the last session of the day. Whatever the case, Bowling's p