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Rinspeed Official Fine Graphic Art Collection - Click above for a high-res image gallery

We have shown you Saab's various BioPower vehicles before, and the Rinspeed eXasis, but here is a new take on an already existing vehicle. Borrowing cues from the eXasis concept, the Saab Biopower Rinspeed uses a similar bright yellow color and textures which mimic the eXasis. No real mechanical changes are made to the vehicle, but a tie-in already exists between the two vehicles, as both engines operate on E85.

Less than a week ago we brought you a huge gallery of pics showing this outrageous (even for Rinspeed) glass bullet. Noah then described the eXasis as "an intriguing cross between a vintage Auto Union racer and an off-road buggy, cross-mutated with a cigar and a WWI plane." As its third project with Bayer MaterialScience AG, Rinspeed's eXasis follows the Senso and zaZen concept onto the show circuit. Featuring an aluminum frame with a clear plastic body and floor, it's a road-going glass-bottom