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Rattner recounts auto bailout, was "shocked" and "stunned" at condition of GM, Chrysler

Steve Rattner is a man we admire but do not envy. Rattner, a former Wall Street banking type with zero experience in the automotive or manufacturing world, was tasked by President Obama with guiding General Motors and Chrysler through their restructuring efforts. Not a small job, by any means. Or one we would wish on our worst enemies. That said, it was a HUGE job, and huge jobs typically make for great stories. Rattner, in an article he penned himself for Jonny Lieberman

Michael Moore: "The Commander in Chief of the Free World is now Mr. Goodwrench"

Michael Moore, long a critic of General Motors, is calling Rick Wagoner's ousting a "superhero move" from President Obama, one that puts corporate America on watch. The truth, as usual, lies in the middle of the extremes, but Moore has long been critical of the Automotive Industrial Complex and its treatment of blue-collar workers.

Wagoner retirement package worth $20.2 million

Now that Rick Wagoner is out of a job, he's eligible to start receiving retirement benefits from his former employer of 32 years. Though having received over $63 million in salary since becoming a General Motors executive in 1992, Wagoner is eligible for a "Salaried Retirement Plan" and "Executive Retirment Plan" that are together valued at $20.2 million.

SNL takes on the Detroit 3 bailout

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GM increases exec salaries to "normal" levels

GM has seen plenty of tough times over the past few years, and even the company's top executives have felt the pinch. Executive pay was among the items cut as the General waded through multi-billion-dollar losses and immense market pressure, but after two years of cuts, the members of GM's top brass are getting their old salaries back. Top boss Rick Wagoner's base pay went as "low" as $1.1M but is now back to its 2003 level of $2.2M. Product czar Bob Lutz and money man Fritz Henderson also had t

Wagoner gets a raise to what he made in 2003

After an abysmal 2005 where GM lost over $10 billion, CEO Rick Wagoner received a sizable pay cut from $2.2M to $1.28M. Yeah, we know, cry him freakin' river. The General's relative success of late, however, has convinced the board that Wagoner deserves to have his annual pay restored to the $2.2M he made from 2003-2005. While $2.2M is certainly a lot of coin, it's a drop in the bucket compar

Rick Wagoner to deliver keynote at 2008 CES

Last year at CES, we saw how electronic makers were seeing more and more the importance of the automotive industry. It was especially telling that one of the biggest products at the show was Sync, by Ford and Microsoft.

Sneak Peek! Wagoner lifts cover on Pontiac G8

As we reported earlier today, Charles Gibson is in Detroit this week doing World News Tonight from Motown. Avid Autoblog reader Arthur just tipped u

Wagoner: Not planning to give up No.1 - Hummer key for youth market

GM is well aware that the youth market is key to the success of their future sales, after all, younger people eventually grow up and become the car buying public. In December, GM admitted in an internal memo that more and more young people were removing GM from their "consideration lists".

GM 'car czar' Lutz says it's the design, stupid

When Bob Lutz became GM's car czar last year, he kept telling workers that they couldn't keep doing things the same way if they wanted different results. Seems obvious, and that philosophy is considered one of the litmus tests for being sane. Although there's still a long way to go, and GM might slip to the #2 spot in global production before it gets sorted, it see

Meeting of the Minds: Big Three and Bush to talk on Tuesday

Bill Ford, Rick Wagoner and Tom LaSorda have been twiddling their thumbs since May waiting for the White House to confirm a date for the Detroit trio to meet with George Bush, the D.C. decider. Tentative times have come and gone, and as each one passed, the perception that the current administration cares little about the challenges facing domestic

It's all fun and games until someone loses an engineer

Did you hear the one about the train trips GM VP Larry Burns took with chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner? Here's how it went:

GM wants money from Nissan, Renault

The latest round of reports coming out of the Nissan-Renault-GM talks are quite sensational. Although there have been hints that Ford is on Carlos Ghosn's speed dial should things go sour with GM, according to the latest newsletter from the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) General Motors is going to tell Nissan and Renault today that their proposed deal looks good. As long as they can cough up a few billion dollars to secure the three-way alliance.

GM wants production to respond to gas prices

Speaking to the Associated Press last Wednesday, Wagoner said GM's current level of flexibility is "not as good as it needs to be." GM has already announced reductions in production capacity, so flexibility in building more vehicles with higher fuel economy should be easier if the price of gasoline hits $4 or $5 a gallon.

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